Honeymoons under the Sun

By Ava Mason

Getting married and want a honeymoon that's warm and hot? Our world guide is just the ticket for newlyweds who want to bask in the sun - whatever time of year!

January - For an Oz dream head to Australia which is hot, hot, hot - and that's just the weather! Sydney is awash with colour - a vibrant city with breathtaking beaches. The Caribbean is also a sure bet with good prices to be found and quieter after the Christmas and New Year rush.

February - For honeymoon explorers try a Nile cruise with warm sunny days to explore the fascinating sights of Egypt. Thailand is also a popular choice at this time of year with warm temperatures and guaranteed sunshine.

March - For a truly unique honeymoon head to Nepal which enjoys a pleasant climate this month, with Spring flowers in full bloom. Seville is a mass of orange blossom, and early Spring sunshine makes this an ideal city break destination.

April - The Caribbean still has reliable weather in April, and prices really tumble after the 15th - the official 'end' of the high season.

May - Florida and California are reliable and May is regarded as their 'low' season, so prices will drop too. In Europe, destinations like the Algarve, the South of France, and the Greek Islands are sunny enough for t-shirts and shorts.

June - Bali has a great climate in June - a truly magical destination that delivers on every honeymoon level! Australia's Great Barrier Reef Islands are now dry and warm. Northern Europe and the Scandinavian cities make a unique honeymoon destination with long summer days and lively midsummer festivals.

July - Phew! It's hot, hot, hot in the Mediterranean resorts - perfect for newlywed sun lovers. Canada is warm and dry and its stunning scenery can't be beaten.

August - Not the ideal time for travel in Europe as it is peak season, and prices are at their highest but if you want sun its here in abundance. The most romantic city in the world - Paris, is blissfully quiet during the annual holidays. Elsewhere, the Seychelles are at their driest.

September - Long haul best bets include Mauritius. The Mediterranean resorts and cities have also cooled down and are quieter for sightseeing.

October - Enjoy the fall in North America's New England - plenty of sunshine brings out the glorious autumnal landscape. The Far East cities of Hong Kong and Singapore are at their best too with reduced humidity.

November - Mexico has the odd rain but still basks in warm temperatures. Thailand is cooler and quieter with less humid heat.

December - The Maldives is hot and dry at this time of year. North African destinations such as Tunisia and Morocco also still enjoy the winter sun. As does Dubai. - 31363

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Following the Trends in Honeymoon Vacations

By Sara Derksen

Bill Fischer, founder of Fischer Travel in New York, says that honeymoon vacations are getting more and more extravagant. "We just finished planning a four-month honeymoon all over the world for a couple," he explains. "They're going to Vietnam, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand and India. The bride had her sister come over for three weeks, now her parents are there and her in-laws are meeting them in China." He says that many couples come to travel agents for their romantic travel needs -- whether it is a castle, a villa or an island destination. Here are some of the latest honeymoon trends to consider.

Not every couple craves lounging on the beach all day for their honeymoon vacation package. Active adventurers may prefer surf lessons, mountain climbs, four wheeling and skydiving.

Adventurous honeymoons can include a nature trek at Tintswalo Safari Lodge in South Africa (www.tintswalo.com), a bike tour of the Mediterranean island of Gozo (www.breakaway-adventures.com) or a helicopter tour of the glaciers on Vancouver Island (www.nimmobay.com). Visit www.voyagetrek.com to find tour operators that can accommodate your travel adventures, whether it is horseback riding or zip-lining.

The romantic cruise is ever-popular for honeymoon vacations because the all inclusive prices are surprisingly low and there is great flexibility to engage in active pursuits at the port stops or simply lounge on the ship. The latest trends point to luxury boats with just a few dozen rooms, rather than the enormous cruise liners. Imagine cruising the Nile River for a week on the Oberoi (www.oberoihotels.com), with Egyptologists there to educate you and masseuses to relax you. For a glimpse of paradise, you can hop aboard a 60-person yacht in Bora Bora and cruise the French Polynesian Islands for six nights (www.boraboracruises.com). If you love flora and fauna, visit the Galapagos Islands (www.expeditions.com) or look for a cruise itinerary going to romantic locales around the world (www.crystalcruises.com).

Self-professed "foodies" may want to look for a romantic destination that can light up their senses. These honeymoon vacations may whisk couples to a tapas menu restaurant, a winery, a fresh produce market or a world renowned restaurant. Paris is considered one of the epicenters of gourmet eats, which brings many couples to the world-famous L'Atelier de Jol Robuchon, which offers taste-sized portions of their signature dishes (www.joel-robuchon.com). If you love tequila, you won't want to miss the 100+ taste samples of this alcohol at the Esperanza resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (www.esperanzaresort.com). In Barcelona, Spain, TabaC24 serves a wide list of must-try tapas delights (www.comerc24.com). Cooking classes can also provide newlyweds with the tools they need to eat healthy and happy for years to come, so visit www.epiculinary.com for a list of culinary vacations throughout Italy, France, Spain and Mexico. - 31363

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Information About Wedding Car Rental and Others In Singapore

By Michael Russell

Car rental overseas gives added benefits over using the buses and trains or maybe a tour guide. It provides more time to work out attention-grabbing sights and more time to go at your own pace. For car rental in Singapore, there are a few needs and prerequisites to be had before you can hit the open road.

As in most countries, persons would like to be eighteen years and older to qualify for a vehicle. There are some that could allow you to get out the door in an exceedingly vehicle if you're seventeen and have had the driver's license for a year. These seventeen year olds wishing to rent in Singapore should also have permission from a guardian to travel through with the rental procedures. Consequently, the oldsters will assume all responsibility for injury or any misuse of the car by the teenager. Persons over age 65 are exempt from car rental as well. However, it's best to buy around and raise concerning company policies before making a decision on which company to work with. For any vehicle rental, Singapore road laws and use can apply to foreigners simply the same.

At almost any vehicle rental Singapore laws stipulate the person requesting the vehicle includes a driver's license for at least a year before being allowed to rent the vehicle. Most can even require an International Driver's Permit so as to control any car within the country. The allow simply prints the information hung on your license in about 10 different languages and can be had at the travel agent before you leave for a little fee.

You will conjointly be checked for previous accidents, points far from your license and traffic offences you've committed, typically over the past year. A strict rule, but done to ensure when the car rental, Singapore roads are still as safe as possible, protecting you in the long-term.

Singapore is an enclave of China and remains one amongst the foremost memorable destination for honeymoons and weddings. Wedding car rental is generally a special price for couples and attracts free for putting both names on the driver's listing as long as each provide their driver's licenses and follow the identical guidelines. Special rates also are provided on 2 seater coupes and roadsters for couples. This makes the vehicle more non-public and brings the pair closer together. If the couple flies in to induce married for the marriage, car rental rates on limousines and city cars are discounted for bridal parties, groomsmen and the oldsters of the couple. Paying for the car rental is simple and will be done prior to getting into the country. Data on the driver's licenses of the persons who would operate the vehicle ought to be sent ahead so as to process the appliance for the vehicle rental. - 31363

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Booking & Preparing For Your Honeymoon

By Steve Bruce

Your honeymoon ought to be a special time of relaxation and bonding. However, failing to appropriately plan a honeymoon can result in it being frustrating and stressful. Here is some advice to make sure your honeymoon goes as smoothly as possible.

The most important thing to do is to discuss with your future spouse their preferences in relation to the honeymoon. Do not presume that you already know the type of honeymoon your fiance would choose. Have a thorough discussion of location, budget, duration and accommodation. Both of you should initially create an individual list of preferences and you should then make a comparison and highlight areas that they have in common.

Consult with travel agents as they can be of great assistance with planning a honeymoon and can advise you based on your joint preferences. Honeymoons are a type of vacation in which travel agents still earn a commission on booking, meaning that they will commonly go out of their way to help you.

Once you have consulted with a travel agent and know the likely cost, create a honeymoon savings plan and start putting a money aside for it on a weekly basis. You could additionally enquire with the travel agent if they offer a honeymoon registry, that gives guests the option to contribute to your honeymoon costs in lieu of a wedding gift.

Try to pre-pay as much as possible. Incidental expenses like tips and souvenirs, tend to be manageable expenses, however, if you forget to allocate money for extra luggage, car rental or day trips, it is easy to find yourselves worrying about money when away.

Having booked and budgeted your money, the last thing to do is pack. Do this at least a week before departing because it will be something less to worry about in the hectic approach to your wedding. If you leave it until the last minute, the more chance there is of you leaving something behind. - 31363

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Great Ideas for a Caribbean Honeymoon Vacation

By Sara Derksen

The best honeymoon vacation is the all-inclusive, romantic cruise. Aboard a hulk of a ship, you'll enjoy entertaining shows by musicians, comedians, hypnotists and theatrical performers. You'll enjoy anytime dining in a variety of restaurants, cafes, bistros and bars. You can swim in pools, watch movies under the stars, soak in Jacuzzi tubs, receive massages at the spa, gamble in the casinos, play mini-golf, take dance lessons or a cooking class, and shop for souvenirs. Once your ship reaches port, you'll have the opportunity to purchase some additional tours or adventures on the island. Here are some of the most romantic travel destinations in the Caribbean islands.

San Juan, Puerto Rico is an intriguing US territory and a popular honeymoon vacation stop. In New San Juan, you'll find McDonald's and American cuisine, fancy hotel resorts, business districts and trendy bars. In Old San Juan, you'll encounter an exotic blend of Spanish, Italian and South American influences that are very much akin to Cuba. You'll see preserved 16th century architecture, forts, antique shops, pastel buildings, cobblestone streets and stunning cathedrals.

History lovers will appreciate the El Morro fort, San Cristobal Fort, La Fortaleza, Catedral de San Juan and Museo Pablo Casals. The Bacardi Rum Factory can add a little fun to your romantic weekend and, if you're feeling lucky, try your hand at the Sheraton or Ritz-Carlton casinos. Waterfalls and wildflowers await a scenic stroll at El Yunque rainforest.

Aruba is a honeymoon vacation destination with rich cultural influences -- from the Arawak Indians to the Old World Spanish and later, the Dutch. Aruba has been called "One Happy Island" and "The Caribbean's Theme Park" because it boasts over 24 diving sites, famous shipwrecks, championship golf courses, casinos and duty-free shops featuring everything from Tommy Hilfiger to diamonds. Eager shoppers load up on British chocolates and Dutch cheeses in the gift shops here, while beach vacation-loving people sip Pink Iguanas and Balashi beer on the sandy shores. While shops and restaurants are within walking distance, the beaches are a $14 taxi ride or $2.30 bus ride away. Many cruisers like to rent snorkel equipment from Red Sail Sports at the cruise terminal (for $15), then head down to Malmok Beach to see colorful coral and tropical fish just ten feet from shore, as well as Antilla, a WWII German freighter wreck. Romantic vacation activities include horseback riding to Malmok Beach, Alto Vista Chapel or in Arikok National Park; golfing at a Robert Trent-Jones course in Tierra del Sol; parasailing at Palm Beach; and dinner at Passions on the Beach at the Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort. Real party animal couples won't want to miss the Kukoo Kunuku party bus for dinner and a tour of local watering holes.

Bonaire is a strange sort of honeymoon vacation paradise. Tall cacti line the plateaus, earning the island the nickname "Arizona By The Sea." If you're lucky, you'll also catch a glimpse of shy flamingos, gray donkeys and wild horses that inhabit the island. Bonaire is much more laid-back than flashy Aruba, with all its casinos and parties. Instead, the people of Bonaire invite you to take a dive into their more than 86 dive spots at Bonaire National Marine Park or interact with reef animals at Touch By the Sea. You can visit a Donkey Sanctuary; ride horses to mangroves, flamingos and ocean waters; go deep sea fishing with Captain Chris Morkos; windsurf at Lac Bay Beach; snag a romantic island vacation meal at Zeezicht; visit the historic slave village of Rincon; and take a two-hour tour through Goto Meer and Goto Lake for flamingo and cactus viewing. - 31363

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Australia Honeymoons - Pick the Package that Best Suits You

By Jim Krangou

As a honeymoon destination, Australia stands up there with some of the best honeymoon destinations. It is not short of engaging activities that includes hiking and scuba diving that any couple would find exciting and worth remembering. It is a melting pot of cultures that offers variety to holiday seekers.

Once as a couple you decide to go for Australia honeymoons, you have just opted for an experience that that will forever remain in your lives as a couple. Australia is filled with beauty, from the alluring beaches, romantic spots and unique cultural experiences and to countless other things. It would be a journey that would worth every penny as you mix with Australians who happen to be some of the friendliest people on earth who have a beautiful blend of the old and new. The Australian east coast draws more of the travelers to Australia and many honeymooners flock there. Most of the population of the country is concentrated in this area and it is a hub of both commercial and cultural activities.

Australia honeymoons can be a great choice as the place has got white sand beaches with reefs in various colors. On your Australia honeymoon you can spend time with your wife by the water and spend some quality romantic moments stat you would never fade out of your memory. You would really enjoy snorkeling at the beaches with the whales as you would not find this anywhere else. Most people think that safaris can only be founded in Africa when this is not the case. Australia has got mesmerizing natural beauty all over the continent. You may choose from the various packages and deals that offer the combination of outback and hotel stays. Safaris can be really adventurous especially for those who are on their Australia honeymoons.

Australia is famous for its Ayer's rock now called Uluru. It a gigantic sandstone rock which you can discover by climbing and hiking. With a good pair of hiking boots on your Australia honeymoon you can enjoy a great deal of enjoyable activities. You can discover caves and waterholes at the Uluru which can be a really fun-filled activity. If you are a sports lover then Australia honeymoons can be even more amazing for you. Sports like sky diving and paragliding are available in Australia. You can take a great view of the beautiful city from the sky and feel at the top of the world.

Sydney is a beautiful city with the picturesque Sydney Bridge that draws tourists and honeymooners alike from all over the world. Some other sights unique to Australia is the world famous Great Barrier reef and the kangaroos all of which will add to the experience of Australia. The hotels are all of world class standard and so are the restaurants. There services are astounding and you might even begin to think you are some famous person or something. The authorities make sure the high standards are kept by constantly inspecting them. Their spas and physical training clubs can give you the best of body massages that would rejuvenate you.

We still have not touched the opera house that is at the harbor and the scenic boats floating by the harbor adds to a beauty that has a quality all on its own. As a choice destination, Australia comes up without a spot and it is so unlike many destinations that are wonderful to go but have only a couple of hotels that are of standard. Hotel accommodation won't be a problem because the country has different ranges that will meet your expectation and that will also meet your price range as well.

Picking any one of the Australia honeymoons package will guarantee that you will have a honey moon that you won't be forgetting in a hurry. There are other places that you can go if you are looking to just relax and have a laid back holiday or honeymoon. This can't be said of Australia because there are so many exciting things that will always keep you on the go. The fact is you can't even do all especially in your honeymoon but it does give you multiple choices to sit down over with your spouse and select in accordance with what you both like to experience.

All in all, the country is really worth seeing either in your honeymoon trip or later in life but you should go or see the beauty of nature in Australia. - 31363

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Luxury Honeymoon Vacations

By Eangus Wolf

Mexico is located in the northern region of the American continent between the Gulf of Mexico on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west. It is bordered by the United States on the north and by Guatemala and Belize on the south.

The very reason why some couples decide to get married at Playa is because of the cut-price costs compared to getting wed in the United States. The price is so cheap that it is actually half the price of most Stateside weddings, with more and more savings as the peso falls in value. Now really is the time to get married in Mexico!

In the Pacific Coast region, you'll find cities and towns with rich cultural and culinary traditions, as well as some of the best beaches for water sports like surfing and fishing. The Baja California Peninsula territory has been inhabited from time immemorial, in this region you can play golf on world-class courses, discover the underwater treasures of the Sea of Cortez, and witness the amazing migration of the Gray Whale.

These exotic romantic honeymoon getaway can increase the romance as well as provide a bit of adventure. Travel beyond your hotel and explore the surrounding region or relax indoors with the many amenities your hotel has to offer. Whether you decide to choose traditional romantic getaways or go off the beaten path it is important that you and your partner first decide where you would like to go. Make a list of your top five favorite locations and check to see if you and your partner have any of the same spots.

Playa Del Carmen weddings are never been so exciting. More and more couples seek the place to discover a different wedding experience by the beach.

Whether swinging in a hammock on the Maya Rivera or climbing the Wall of China, your romantic honeymoon getaway should have all the elements of romance that both you and your partner agree on. With so many special destinations to choose from, no matter where you decide to vacation you are assured to have those special memories to last a life time. - 31363

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