Tips For Choosing Honeymoon Lingerie

By Barbara Mace

On your honeymoon you really want to have the time of your life and start you marriage in an enjoyable and memorable way. One of the ways that you can ensure a great honeymoon is by having a range of honeymoon lingerie packed into your suitcase that will make your husband go wild with desire for his new wife.

It is worth the investment to buy a set of lingerie for each day of your honeymoon. If each night you are surprising him with a hot, new underwear ensemble, he will be putty in your hands. There are so many different styles of underwear available these days that you will easily be able to find lingerie that suits your body type and turns you into a goddess before his eyes.

To keep things interesting, choose a few different styles of lingerie. There are many different brief styles that you can buy including g-strings, full briefs, brazilian bottom, little boy leg, french knickers and more. When choosing a bra buy ones with under wires to be more supportive and give your bust some oomph and a flattering shape. Also go for some baby dolls and perhaps a suspender belt or corset - it takes an iron man to resist them.

Before you purchase your honeymoon lingerie spare a thought for the type of underwear that appeals to your husband. Some men go crazy for black lace, others love something pink and feminine. If you are unsure about what he likes, you can either buy a few different colors, styles and combinations or sneakily find out what he likes in conversation.

As well as choosing underwear that you think will please your husband, you also need to choose underwear that you feel great in. There is no point wearing something that you feel fat, tacky, or self-conscious in. Confidence is the sexiest thing of all, so you want to ensure that you will feel relaxed wearing it.

Another tip is that some underwear can be a bit tricky if you are not used to wearing it. Suspender belts and corsets are the main culprits here. Hooks and eyes and clips can be complicated, especially after a few drinks, so have a little trial run if you purchase these so you know how to get them on easily.

Getting the right fitting underwear is essential. For this reason you should buy your honeymoon lingerie from a store that has trained fitters. A bra that does not fit you properly will probably be uncomfortable or not look quite right. A fitting specialist will measure your back and cup size and get you the most flattering styles that show off your best assets properly.

Your honeymoon is one of the most special times in your life. By choosing a range of sexy honeymoon lingerie, you will really get things off to a rolling start in your marriage and enjoy the special couple time you have together. - 31363

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